I am a Certified Occupational Therapist, having completed my Masters in Advance Pediatrics from KMCH, Coimbatore, India and MSc in Applied Psychology.

As a Certified KT practitioner and counselor I had attended workshops on sensory integration and ABA. Attended immense number of seminars, workshops, paper presentations and classes. Multiple number of clinical training and special training has been given from KMCH college of Occupational therapy as part of the curriculum for (4.5 + 2 years).

Have been awarded the ‘Certificate of Academic Excellence’, First Place in Masters of Occupational Therapy in Advance Pediatrics [ 2013 to 2014 ] and NATIONAL LEVEL BEST PAPER AWARD for the paper on ‘EFFECTIVENESS OF KINESIO-TAPING THERAPY IN DROOLING MANAGEMENT AMONG CHILDREN WITH SPASTIC CEREBRAL PALSY’ in National conference on Inter Disciplinary Rehabilitation [NCIDDR- 2016] has been received.

I am trained well and focused on… The application of standardized assessments tools and non-standardized tools, Plan and develop programs, Prepare goals based on need Design and implement the therapy with appropriate strategies, Good rapport with the children and families, Coordinated multidisciplinary team approach, Evidence based and client centered therapy, Ensure thorough documentation and reports for every client.

As a specialist occupational therapist it’s my job to conduct a comprehensive assessment and then, together with each client, formulate a clear treatment plan that fosters stability and allows progression and re-integration into the community in a sustainable way.

This is my Blog, a small effort to share my knowledge & experiences with everyone about OT and to learn more from your inputs.

Gaayathri K. S.